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Reflecting and remembering: Aceh Tsunami Museum

Entering the Aceh Tsunami Museum is full sensory experience. You walk through darkness, are sprayed with moisture, and hear the insistent sound of water coursing down the high walls that flank the long entrance. It’s a portal designed to put you “inside the wave”and so transport you to the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami … Continue reading

New School Opens a New Chapter for Parung Kids

The community of Parung has gathered on the eve of National Education Day earlier this month to celebrate the opening of their new school, SMPN Parung 2. Continue reading

Protecting Indonesia’s Environment a Delicate Balancing Act

Indonesia’s peoples and government are often much-maligned for their attitude toward environmental sustainability, but a representative of the World Wildlife Fund is aiming to show that the nation is actually trailblazing the course toward a better environment. Lida Pet-Soede, head of the WWF’s Coral Triangle Global Initiative, will kick off the Indonesian Heritage Society’s latest … Continue reading

Viewpoint: Helping Parents Fight for Legal Identity in Indonesia

Unicef, the United Nations Children’s Fund, estimates that about 60 percent of Indonesian children under age 5 do not have birth certificates, and half are not registered. Continue reading

Papua policy not contrary to Indonesia’s push for transparency, democratisation says Natalegawa

Indonesia’s Foreign Minister says Papua is becoming less an international issue than it once was, and that many countries that once raised the issue no longer do so. Continue reading

The Sunday Profile: Sasha Friedlander

A procession of men walk in the faint dawn carrying empty baskets and lit torches. They return much more slowly, shouldering heavy baskets full of sulfur, coughing as they trudge though clouds of noxious smoke. This is the opening scene of the documentary “Between Heaven and Hell,” which follows the stories of four sulfur miners … Continue reading

The Sunday Profile: Retno Hapsari, XSProject General Manager

Retno Hapsari stands in the middle of a group of noisy children, bubbles and snatches of excited chatter floating above their heads. It is hard to imagine there is a hotter place in Jakarta at this moment. Piles of burning rubbish spread eye-watering smoke over the settlement. There is no vegetation. Children and adults look … Continue reading

Culture notes: Gregory Churchill, Puppet Collector

Jakarta lawyer and collector Gregory Churchill lives with over 6,000 companions in his home in Ciputat. Made of wood, leather, straw, fabric and other materials, his vast Mukamukamu Collection of puppets and masks stands to attention in racks and corners of every room of the house; inanimate objects that come to life in the hands … Continue reading

Diplomacy in the Pacific, balancing old relationships and new

The Pacific islands’ traditional partners can take nothing for granted any more, suggests a discussion paper released by the Pacific Institute of Public Policy this month. “Decisions of allegiance by island leaders will be based on the cultivation of personal relationships (not ideology), access to new technology, migration pathways for our people and sharing culture,”says … Continue reading

Philippines eyes hike in Pacific fish haul, Indonesia still seeking Tjandra, PNG fines Chinese logging ship

Highlights from the region’s media: Philippines Fisheries bureau eyes hike in fish catch in Pacific (Sun Star) Indonesian still seeking Joko Tjandra, waiting for PNG poll result before pursuing diplomatic channels (Post Courier)  Chinese logging ship fined K50,000 for fisheries breach(PNG Post Courier) Julie Bishop on the Pacific, PNG and Australian aid (Development Policy Centre) … Continue reading



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