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New School Opens a New Chapter for Parung Kids

The community of Parung has gathered on the eve of National Education Day earlier this month to celebrate the opening of their new school, SMPN Parung 2. Continue reading


Diplomacy in the Pacific, balancing old relationships and new

The Pacific islands’ traditional partners can take nothing for granted any more, suggests a discussion paper released by the Pacific Institute of Public Policy this month. “Decisions of allegiance by island leaders will be based on the cultivation of personal relationships (not ideology), access to new technology, migration pathways for our people and sharing culture,”says … Continue reading

Philippines eyes hike in Pacific fish haul, Indonesia still seeking Tjandra, PNG fines Chinese logging ship

Highlights from the region’s media: Philippines Fisheries bureau eyes hike in fish catch in Pacific (Sun Star) Indonesian still seeking Joko Tjandra, waiting for PNG poll result before pursuing diplomatic channels (Post Courier)  Chinese logging ship fined K50,000 for fisheries breach(PNG Post Courier) Julie Bishop on the Pacific, PNG and Australian aid (Development Policy Centre) … Continue reading

PNG citizenship for Indonesian national revoked, Trade Pasifika preview

Highlights from the region’s media: PNG Prime Minister revokes controversial citizenship for Indonesian (The National) Editorial: Proper to revoke citizenship (The National) Trade Pasifika 2012 gets under way next week: show aims to increase trade to China, Japan, Philippines and beyond (Pacific Periscope) CNMI needs US$6 million to catch up on tourism promotion, marketing; crucial … Continue reading

Papua update, Fiji mine investment should strengthen ties with China, Vanuatu to join WTO

Highlights from the region’s media: Papua killing raises pressure on Indonesians (Radio New Zealand International) Mining company to invest F$75 million in Fiji iron project, should strengthen Fiji-China links (Fiji Live) Nauru asks Japan to help rebuild main quay (Radio New Zealand International) Vanuatu Ambassador announces country’s acceptance into WTO (Vanuatu Daily Post) Guam needs … Continue reading

China’s Pacific aid ‘promotes regional stability’, Daru Port to ease Indonesia/Australia/PNG trade zone

Highlights from the region’s media: China-Pacific island countries cooperation promotes regional stability: China government (Xinhua) PNG’s Daru International Port set to begin construction: project looks to Indonesia-Australia-PNG free trade zone (Radio Australia) PNG parliament to vote for new Prime Minister tomorrow (Radio Australia) China, Japan driving green energy investments (Sydney Morning Herald) A closer look … Continue reading

Saipan to launch first airline, Japan wants clarity on China aid to Pacific, Solomons criticism over China trip

Highlights from the region’s media: Saipan to launch first airline with flights to Japan, China (Malaysian Insider) Japan, others want clarity on China aid / Noda pledges 500 mil. dollars to Pacific islands (Jiji Press) Japan’s “Checkbook diplomacy aimed at reining China” in Pacific Islands (China Daily) Solomons Opposition critical of trip to China (Solomon … Continue reading

Asian-Pacific arrests over phone scam, Amnesty slams Indonesia over Papua

Highlights from the weekend media: 500 arrested Asia-wide over telecom scam: China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Fiji see arrests (AFP) Amnesty International slams Indonesia over Papua rights violations (Radio New Zealand International) Japan offers $500 million aid to Pacific islands (Sina.com) Japan, Pacific islands agree on maritime, disaster cooperation (Mainichi) Pacific … Continue reading

Pacific Islands and Papua, PALM previews

Highlights from the region’s media: Pacific Islands and Papua Vanuatu PM’s Office reveals stand on West Papua (Vanuatu Daily Post) Solomon Islands for West Papua group urges MSG leaders to act (Solomon Star) PALM previews and Japan/Pacific relations: Japan becoming ‘significant player’ in Pacific: academic (Radio Australia) Japan’s relationship with the Pacific overshadowed by US … Continue reading

Philippines fishing in Pacific Islands region still limited, Fiji invites Japan PM to visit, Chinese nationals caught with guns in PNG

Highlights from the region’s media: WCPFC Director: Only High Sea Pocket 1* is open to the Philippines’ tuna fleet Pocket 1 covers Palau, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia, areas closest to the Philippines where local tuna fishing companies frequently operate. (Atuna.com) Fijian leader invites Japanese PM to Fiji (Fiji Sun) Japan rejection could cool … Continue reading



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