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PNG Marine Industrial Zone on track, Regional survey predicts declining exports, economic growth

Highlights from the region’s media:

  • PNG’s Pacific Marine Industrial Zone project on schedule: Abel (The National)
  • Declining exports likely to dampen economic growth of Pacific Islands, reveals UN-ESCAP survey (The Jet newspaper)  
  • Australian DFAT wants diplomats in more nations, including Thailand and Tuvalu (Pacnews)
  • Filipino Captain of fishing vessel in Palau faces multiple charges (Island Times)
  • Fiji’s national carrier Air Pacific to be rebranded as Fiji Airways (Pacnews)
  • Government to boost Malaysian palm oil industry (The Star)
  • Opinion: The global palm oil phenomenon (The Star)

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One thought on “PNG Marine Industrial Zone on track, Regional survey predicts declining exports, economic growth

  1. This story is most apt for the city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, as it holds the record of being the hiehgst consumer of shark flesh in the world.Victorians, in common with most Anglo- Saxons the world over, have a preference for white fleshed, boneless, bland fish meat, and shark fills these criteria perfectly.The retail cooked fish and chip shops are the hiehgst users of this fish as shark (called flake) constitutes 70% of their sales.In their favour at least the whole body of fish is consumed and not just the fins.

    Posted by Jutamas | June 7, 2012, 7:53 am

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