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IMF and Samoa government host conference on economic growth and resilience this month

(Media release)

A conference on the theme “Fostering Inclusive Growth and Building Resilience” will take place in Samoa, on March 23. The conference will be hosted by the IMF and the Government of Samoa. The event will be attended by Min Zhu, Deputy Managing Director, IMF and will bring together leading regional policymakers, the vice presidents of the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, the private sector and the media. Prof. Peter Montiel a world leading expert in development economics will deliver the keynote address. The conference is by invitation only.

The conference will focus on policies that could increase resilience to shocks, on spillovers from global economy to the Pacific Islands and on drivers of growth with an emphasis on private sector development. Some of the key questions are: why could the countries build resilience given the economies are not easily diversifiable? What can we learn from country experiences? How can access to credit by the private sector be improved? What is the appropriate role and size of the public sector in a small island economy? Which structural reforms are necessary to achieve a more inclusive growth? How can the public sector crowd-in the private sector?

“I am very much looking forward to my first visit to the Pacific islands region as Deputy Managing Director of the IMF. Despite vast differences, the Pacific island countries face common challenges arising from the size of their economies, vulnerability to external shocks, and the need for economic diversification and policy flexibility. This conference is a good opportunity to share knowledge and inter-regional experiences, and to work together to tackle the challenges the Pacific islands face under the current global environment,” Mr. Zhu stated.

For details of the full program visit the IMF website


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