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Changes at Matson Shipping: new company formed

Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. has announced a plan to pursue the separation of the Company to create two independent, publicly traded companies, including Matson, which provides crucial shipping services between Asia and the Pacific Islands.

The two new companies will be:

* A  Hawaii-based land company with interests in real estate development, commercial real estate and agriculture, which will retain the Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. name;


* Matson, a market-leading ocean transportation company serving the U.S. West Coast, Hawaii, Guam, Micronesia and China, and a top ten domestic logistics company. Matson became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alexander & Baldwin in 1969.

“This separation will create two financially strong public companies, each with more than one billion dollars in assets, a thousand employees, strong balance sheets and cash flow to fund future growth,” says Walter A. Dods, Alexander & Baldwin Chairman.

Matson Navigation Company has major market share in its core trade lanes of Hawaii and Guam. It operates a service from Shanghai to Long Beach. For the twelve months ended September 30, 2011, the Company’s transportation and logistics segments reported revenues of $1.5 billion and operating profit of $104 million, and had 1,175 employees. Matson’s assets will include 17 Jones Act vessels; approximately 47,000 company-owned containers and equipment; dedicated terminal facilities in Hawaii; a top ten U.S. logistics company; and a 35 percent interest in SSA Terminals, one of the largest terminal operators on the U.S. West Coast.

“Matson is well positioned in the markets it currently serves, and we are excited about its growth prospects and future value creation opportunities as an independent company,” says Matthew J. Cox, Matson President. “Matson’s valuable assets, strong balance sheet, and premium brand and service model position us to seek expansion into other markets. We also are looking to expand to niche services in other Pacific Island trades, and to leverage our strategically located terminals and logistics capabilities to take advantage of the growing international trade and domestic movement of goods. We never lose sight, however, of the fact that Hawaii and Guam are our core markets, and we remain committed to providing our customers there with the highest quality, most reliable shipping service in the world.”


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